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Our proud: Junior Polish Champion and Show Polish Champion (CACIB, 2*Res CACIB, CACIT)
Smyk Poszły w Las/FCI - June 2013

Polish hound… Our dog of kings. None of us can remember how… Hounds went into the forest. Echo of their playing was weakened more and more, until it drowned into the silence of forest.

(Stefan Żeromski „Popioły”)

Welcome to the pages of our Polish hound breeding. Here You will find state information not only about our dogs and their descendants, and a lot of photos, but also information about the breed and its history. We hope that we can describe and show you these beautiful Polish dogs

Beata Bleja & Aneta Angrik

Why not consider choosing a breed: Polish hound?

Historically about hounds? This has already happened, just browse the Internet, you can find there a knowledge of the history of Polish hound. You can see this in a shortcut and find it on our website. We are proud of the history of the hound but it was already and my writing is about how Polish hound looks like today.

The race has already get the appreciation abroad, especially in Germany where are some of these dogs and where the hound is becoming increasingly valued. I have many phone calls from abroad ...

Our race, native, is worth every promotion.

There was a bad time for hound as it was bad for the mansions and palaces fell into disrepair... The dog of Kings wasn`t needed to anyone at this time, and preferably if he died like the royal and noble part of our history ... Nowadays it's different, race return to our hearts and has bigger and bigger interest in these area..

That's why I decided to write a few words about hound, what it is today. I decided to answer the many questions that I have from the callers are interested in Polish hound breed.

Hound has a dominance over other foreign races because it is a dog of our climatic conditions. This race is extremely resistant against other races and also extremely healthy. It is simple elegant and noble and "covered with a little bit of patina of history." And above al lit is our own ... in a country where "other people praise and do not know their" should finally begin to promote its! And we should be proud of them. Peter Kartawik restored our hound and a great appreciation for it!.

I got phone calls asking if Polish hound can live in the city, or perhaps live in a studio apartment, if it can find in this kind of conditions. My answer is yes!

I had the same objections when my first female hound Dunia appeared at my side in a big city. Wrongly. I can say that my hounds are happy in a dog way, although not mansion and acres of palace gardens are their place of living ..

People ask about it, because they still think that hound should rather be with people who hunt but in case of hound they are absolutely wrong. It's not just a hunting dog. Currently hound is mainly a dog-friend of his family and this adaptive feature (in fact, for all conditions) is a great opportunity for today's hound.

Although nowadys hounds back to the hunting too, but it's still a small group of enthusiasts who hunt with this breed. Usually, hunters choose the Polish Hunting Dog because they are more bitter and have a bigger need to work. Something changes for the better for hound in this area.It is beginning to be appreciated also by hunters. To hounds, both, work and hug on a couch, even in a small studio apartment in the citymay be a happiness to them. Above all to happiness they need apresence of their own herd, I mean the wider family…

Hounds are also great pets. Guardian of hound has to find time to train with his hound but also to have fun and caress with it.

Of course, regardless of the weather, be aware that you need (anyway to each dog) provide walks. Quiet walks in the park during week are enough but it is good for a dog from the city to jump out of town in the weekend to have some running. Having a hound can be a way to spend your free time in a group of people with the same interests. For people who do not hunt and do not have this in plans, are numerous contests (Bloodhounds or wild boar hunting dogs) where hound from the city can also participate (often successfully) with their supervisor and his family. A good example is our Smyk„Poszły w las”, urban dog, a dog who was born in Warsaw in my living room, and who with his lady Anetka (and my co-breeder) takes part in competitions and also in huntings. On the International Competition of Tracking Dogs on Sunday in the Orzechowo, 13-10 – 2012, our Smyk, being the only high rate of hound and run by Anetka, took first place "on the box" and a certificate of CPC.

It's nice to have a hound, it`s good to have a good time with him in the forests.

Why Polish hound is a unique race? I will try to describe it here.

Hounds lived for centuries in flocks (herds). They should have the presence of the herd next to tchem (near their family). I`s a very familiarity dog. The familirity brings many wonderful hounds qualities. It`s a dog of calm disposition, very subtle and sensitive to the slightest signs sent by us. He must be carried out by heart, consequency and quiet good but not by the strong hand (in the case of hound always a carrot and never a stick).

The Polish hound is a dog with an excellent memory and it causes that it has to be carried out with consequence. This dog doesn`t requirespecial care treatments. Walks with hound are simply pleasure, hound doesn`t attack another dog first and attacked has tend to withdraw because as a herd dog it will strive to harmony and agreement. Hounds are ideally suited as a second or subsequent dog in herd, because they have an innate "sense of the herd." Hounds are extremely intelligent. Breed selection was going in that direction (hounds had to make the decision themselves, they had to choose wisely and let`s say directly: stupid hound died on the huntingt). Sensitivity of hound, its subtlety and balance make this breed ideally suited for dogotherapy (asHarmonia, daughter ofDunia – Błoga andDuniaat some time was goingwith me to promote the race in schools and kindergartens, and now the son of Harmonia – Smykvisits children in schools and kindergartens).

Hound is a great friend. It`s not a brazen and barking dog and as adult is rather lazy.. as an adult rather lazy. I think that it`s the only race from Gr VI (Hound) that is not "unconscious runner". Hound runs with heavy gallop, but it is extremely tough in his run. About grown up or adult hound, in my opinion,we can tell in the age of 2 or 3 years old , but when we talk about upbringing them, you have to start from the beginning, when a little dog comes to his new home. Highly recommended in this case is place called „dog kindergarten” (teaching starts when the puppy is over postvaccinal quarantine).

Featured dog kindergarten where Polish hound trains on positive strengthening meaning for prizes (“szarpaczki” or cheats or terminal blocks -absolutely excluded). Hound absolutely should not also apply to train (as already discussed) by a hard hand (this gives even the opposite effect –we can never recovered the lost confidence of our subtle from nature hound). Please keep in mind that the owner at the kindergarten should learn to understand your dog's body language, basics of his psyche, making contact with him and, above all, to work with the dog. A puppy should learn cooperation with man, the common and basic commands in the presence of other dogs. People will be represented his flock and not accidentally met individuals of their own species. Therefore, puppy in kindergarten should learn to ignore other dogs. It happens that stronger physically and mentally dogs strengthen the aggressive habits and gentle and more sensitive dogs "gain" trauma for the rest of his life (which also, incidentally, may later result of some kind of aggression).

So, please very careful choosing a dog kindergarten for hound, it's better to abandon than to participate in harmful to puppy classes. Hounds are “klikerowe” dogs, if you can find such dog kindergarten it will be ideal.

You should have a lot of talk with your hound, from puppy you should build this special bond between you and hound. My female dogs perfectly combine words in sentence understanding their meaning. I scanned that they can hear my phone calls (it`s no exaggeration) and catch some information. Hound is an independent by nature and, of course, you should be aware that our hound is a Dog Nose. On walks hound loves smells, sometimes even it`s deaf on command and then it is necessary to understand and forgive and call when our Hound "can already hear us." We have a lot of questions about hounds escapes. It just depends on us whether our Hound will be commanded. It should be on the command "to me" (or evocation on whistle) work with the hound from the beginning of his stay with us. I reward my hounds always for approach to command and even for the same presence with me. Taught hounds doesn`t escape but hound is not the shepherd, and will not be kept in the forest "with our leg". He will wheel was augmented (with a diameter large enough), but this does not mean that we are not guards. Sometimes you can lose sight of it (we do not see it, but that does not mean that our hound do not know where we are). And it always come back to us after his track. It just depends on us as our life with hound on the side will look like.

This breed is worthy of any action and interest, though at the moment still "on the outskirts" ... but that is changing slowly, because people in our country, that is, they discover the Polish Hound!

Well, if the choice of breed is aware that in the event of any other queries about the race and its specifics, please contact:Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.